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nurse virtual assistant

You won't be happy trying Portiva's virtual nurse assistant jobs to ensure the seamless operation of your clinic. Don't wait any longer. Portiva's virtual assistants are highly trained professionals certified in medical terminology and HIPAA compliance. Scheduling visits, creating discharge summaries, ordering tests or treatments for patients, entering patient data into electronic health record systems, and discussing test results with doctors are just a few of the duties nurses perform as virtual assistants. The virtual assistants at Portiva are also available to help with other duties like placing lab work orders and offering patients customer service. Portiva provides its clients access to experienced virtual nurse assistants who possess strong organizational skills and a good understanding of medical terminology and protocols. Portiva is a virtual medical staffing company that provides virtual assistant services to doctors. With the aid of this technology, physicians can focus on providing excellent patient care while Portiva manages the administrative side of things. nurse virtual assistant