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In addition to patient education, medication reconciliation, insurance verification, appointment scheduling, ordering lab tests, and preparing patient reports, virtual nursing assistants also offer other medical support services. To meet the demands of a developing healthcare practice, you can use Portiva's virtual nurse assistant jobs to take advantage of virtual medical staffing services. Portiva - YOUR virtual medical staffing company of choice. Thanks to this technology, the virtual assistant can comprehend clinical notes more effectively than humans alone. With Portiva, you can manage your practice more efficiently while ensuring quality patient care. This virtual assistant will be available round-the-clock to offer assistance and counsel, freeing the doctor to concentrate on giving their patients the best treatment possible. Also, Portiva's knowledgeable support team is also available to assist nurses working as virtual assistants as needed. Portiva's virtual assistants also support other tasks, such as ordering lab work and providing patient service. Portiva is setting the bar for virtual medical staffing and facilitating the more efficient implementation of healthcare professionals' duties. With its quick response and intuitive design, VNA offers practicality and convenience in managing everyday operations within a physician's practice. nurse virtual assistant