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Virtual nurse assistants must also be comfortable working in an electronic health record system (EHR) and following HIPAA guidelines for maintaining patient privacy. Make sure your practice is operating as efficiently as possible using Portiva so you can concentrate on delivering treatment for all your patients. For the most outstanding virtual medical staffing firm in the sector, contact Portiva immediately! Go beyond Portiva's virtual medical staffing solutions if you seek a productive approach to running your healthcare business. Some of the tasks that nurses perform as virtual assistants include scheduling appointments, preparing discharge summaries, ordering tests or procedures for patients, inputting patient information into electronic health record systems and reviewing test results with physicians. Veterinarians, dentists, and other medical professionals who require help with data management duties can all use the platform. Without having to sift through paper files or wait days for responses from a third-party service provider, it offers customers an intuitive interface to immediately access patient records or search for lab results. This allows doctors to focus more on quality patient care and less on paperwork. Their skilled specialists are committed to offering top-notch care to every patient, and their extensive training program ensures that your clinic is operating at its most productive level. nurse virtual assistant